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ጤናችን በእጃችን! (Tenachin Bejachin!) is a mission-driven 
coalition of Ethiopian organisations deploying free soap, water tankers, water supply, and face masks to vulnerable communities in Ethiopia, as a first line of defence against COVID-19.

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Households targeted


WASH hotspots


Ethiopia for Us to Protect


Facemasks and soaps distributed in the pilot


COVID-19 poses heightened risk for those who live in highly dense communities and struggle with limited access to water, soap, and other compounding challenges (i.e. respiratory challenges). These sub-populations could quickly become ‘hotspots’ for the spread of the virus throughout other areas. Identifying and providing targeted solutions for these ‘hotspots’ early on can ensure reduced risk of mortality and morbidity.


In addition to sub-populations that are at severe risk, businesses that are critical to ensuring the economic health of our communities are also impacted. If we do not ensure that businesses find innovative ways to survive this critical period of uncertainty, unemployment will soon be followed by other life-threatening issues such as food insecurity.


Therefore, we need to collectively act now!


Tenachin Bejachin - ጤናችን በእጃችን! (also known as the Safe Hands Ethiopia Coalition)  is mobilizing to rapidly manufacture and distribute soap, water tankers, water supply, and facemasks to vulnerable communities in Ethiopia – for free." We plan to simultaneously launch a massive consumer education campaign to drive behavior change around adoption and maximize public health benefits by reducing the opportunity for further infection by distributing and using critical consumer prevention items. 

All members of the Tenachin Bejachin - ጤናችን በእጃችን! coalition pledge to uphold three key principles: (1) zero margin: this is for impact, not profit; (2) speed is critical: everyday counts; and (3) last-mile saturation: we leave no-one behind. Over time and as the coalition proves of value, there will be an opportunity for the coalition to explore other innovative business models such as a cost-plus model where limited profit margin may be permitted.

Dalberg Group and Roha Group have taken the initiative to convene the private sector capacity and competencies, NGOs in an effort to add sustainable impact to the country’s national response to COVID. More specifically, the coalition aims to introduce a unique business model that would assist in the manufacturing and distribution of critical protective products to high-risk communities and while doing so, ensuring businesses are able to cover their costs and retain their employees.


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